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Zadanie z kategorii: Szkoła średnia -> J. angielski
Dodane przez kasia2198, 2013-10-09 17:13:01
Język angielski tłumaczenie

Proszę o przetłumacznie ale bez uzycia translatora Pilne!

Ireland is a small island country with a long history of invasions and occupations. It is believed that the first humans to settle in Ireland were Mesolithic hunters and gatherers who came across from Scotland in small boats cometime around 8000 BC. They were followed a few thousand years later by Neolithic settlers from neighbouring Britain who introduced farming and stone buildings. Later, around 500 BC Ireland saw the arrival of Celtic clans for good and who shaped the future of the country and its people. The Celts gradually replaced the language and culture of the inhabitants of the island with their own. They divided the country into small kingdoms, each of which was ruled by a king. They made tools and weapons from bronze and iron and are remembered today for their beautiful music, art and crafts. The island continuedto be invaded by various peoples including the Vikings in the 9th century AD, the Anglo-Normans in 1171 AD, and the English who managed to bring the country under their control and create a nwe political state called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801. Ireland was now controlled from London and its people became subjects of the British Crown.


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